Joe and Erin
About Joe

I was born and raised in Riverside, Southern California.
Location of Riverside California

I come from a large family of 6 children. I am the youngest of all of them.
Family Photo

I am very used to a large family. My mother is one of 11 children. My mother's side is definitely the side that has influenced me to pursue an engineering major in college. I have 6 uncles that currently have or have had some sort of technical or engineering job. They all are very fun to listen to their stories. One thing about my immediate family is that we all have a different field of interest. My parents somehow managed to raise 5 children that have graduated from college. They believe that we should earn our way through college. Because of this I have been working for my tuition since I have been going to UCSB. I myself truly enjoy the educational experience I am getting from UCSB.

I was influenced by many people to come here. My two sisters and my high school calculus teacher went here. I am very happy they did make me want to come here because I have met someone very special in my life here. My girlfriend and I are currently dating and taking all the same classes since we are both computer science students.
Erin and Joe